Our Cool Little Sister City Way, Way East

Portland’s vibe is one of a kind. Obviously.

But it’s kind of cool every once in a while to come across a little city that’s got like a twinge of mini Portland vibe to it. You know, the progressive, hippie, weird, fun, artistic type of vibe.

I recently took a trip out to Western North Carolina to the amazing little city of Asheville.

Woah! Asheville is cool.

Love me some Asheville.

You know by now I’m a health nut and I enjoy health food stores, healthy dining, and alternative medicine and healing. And man oh man, this city definitely has the health thing going on in a really big way. This is a very spiritually alive city, highly conscious of its health decisions, and its a beautiful thing.

Now, obviously you have to take it easy on the Southern Style BBQ and biscuits that are all so tempting and delish, and they are considered one of the beer capitals of the world too, but who ever said beer was unhealthy? LOL.

So, mad props to our little sister city in North Carolina.. Asheville.

Oh, and if you ever decide to check out luxury real estate in Asheville NC, or the surrounding mountains out there, because it really is gorgeous and low cost living, check out Kathleen Blanchette, a realtor whose been working in luxury real estate in Asheville for a long time and is quite impressive at what she does. Sshhhh…. don’t tell anyone, but we got the grand tour and checked out a few houses while we were there! Its tempting… but we still love Portland too, so we aren’t going anywhere any time soon.