The Best New Paint on the Market

There is a serious competitor in the whiteboard paint space. Good-bye Idea Paint – your run was fun while it lasted. Hello ReMARKABLE. This stuff is serious! We’ve been long time IdeaPaint fans, ever since Evernote publicized their product we’ve been customers.

But, we did a quick search for whiteboard paint just to look at our options for a new part of our office space that we’re working on setting up, and BOOM – we’re so glad we did.

We stumbled upon this amazing product that’s giving IdeaPaint, Whiteyboard and some of these other whiteboard paint companies a serious run for their money. We tried the Remarkable DIY kit and it was absolutely amazing. So much better then what we’ve experienced in the past with the leading competitor. Easier application, less toxic odor, faster dry time, and overall better erase capabilities and more clear/white. It’s a beautiful product and works incredibly for our use in the office.

The best part though? Price! It’s priced less then its serious competitors.

Check out the new leader in whiteboard paint – RemarkABLE!