Children in Smoking Homes

There’s no doubt behind the science and studies that show that children growing up in the homes of smoker’s are prone to a variety of health concerns short and long term in their lives.

The second hand smoke is just too much for their young lungs and bodies to fully overcome.

Asthma, cancer, mental issues, lowered immune systems, autoimmune disorders, and much, much more are potential problems that children can be faced with.

The best possible thing parents could do for their kids sake right away is a switch to vaporizers. Vaporizers can be smoked just the same as cigarettes without the harmful side effects to both the smoker parent and second hand victims like the children or spouse.

It can end up saving money and saving lives.

The best part is that you can maintain the nicotine addiction because some of the vape juices still have nicotine as a primary ingredient. This can be huge in ensuring the habit is maintained, but yet at the same time non-harmful since it doesn’t come with all of the cancerous tars, chemicals and such.

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