National Quit Smoking For Kids Month

This month marks our annual celebration of quitting smoking for the kids. Those of you with little ones around already know that the damage of second hand smoke is already effecting their young little bodies. And while we all know you would never want to effect your kids in a negative way like that with their health, it doesn’t make quitting any easier.

We believe in helping parents overcome the stresses, challenges and difficulties of quitting smoking. There are many great alternatives to smoking now that are making it easier to quit and to really save your kids health and their lives.

One of the best alternatives to smoking today is vaporizers. You can quit smoking and start vaping. This is a fantastic alternative because cigarettes have thousands of harmful chemical additives that are horrible for your body and the kids, but vape juices only have 4 or 5 basic chemicals that are not harmful and already exist in many things that you consume on a regular basis.

A habit with vaporizers is less expensive too, so you’ll save money for your family. Rather than buying many packs or cases of cigarettes on a regular basis, you only need to buy vape juice, once you’ve got a vaporizer that you like. Vape juices are much less expensive than cigarettes, so depending on how much you smoke you’ll potentially be saving hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars every year.

One of our partner companies, Fresh Vape, is launching a brand new campaign at which is geared toward helping smokers quit through the use of vape as an alternative. Their mission is to help more smokers quit successfully, and the success rate going from cigarettes to vaporizers as an alternative are astonishingly high.