National Quit Smoking For Kids Month

This month marks our annual celebration of quitting smoking for the kids. Those of you with little ones around already know that the damage of second hand smoke is already effecting their young little bodies. And while we all know you would never want to effect your kids in a negative way like that with their health, it doesn’t make quitting any easier.

We believe in helping parents overcome the stresses, challenges and difficulties of quitting smoking. There are many great alternatives to smoking now that are making it easier to quit and to really save your kids health and their lives.

One of the best alternatives to smoking today is vaporizers. You can quit smoking and start vaping. This is a fantastic alternative because cigarettes have thousands of harmful chemical additives that are horrible for your body and the kids, but vape juices only have 4 or 5 basic chemicals that are not harmful and already exist in many things that you consume on a regular basis.

A habit with vaporizers is less expensive too, so you’ll save money for your family. Rather than buying many packs or cases of cigarettes on a regular basis, you only need to buy vape juice, once you’ve got a vaporizer that you like. Vape juices are much less expensive than cigarettes, so depending on how much you smoke you’ll potentially be saving hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars every year.

One of our partner companies, Fresh Vape, is launching a brand new campaign at which is geared toward helping smokers quit through the use of vape as an alternative. Their mission is to help more smokers quit successfully, and the success rate going from cigarettes to vaporizers as an alternative are astonishingly high.

Donating to Children’s Hospitals for Cures

There are so many families and children in need of our help. They can be found at your city’s local Children’s Hospital. Many of these children are running out of hope and options to maintain their health. Their bodies are just about done fighting.

It’s important that we as a community surround these hospitals with our love, support, and donations to keep the fight against these diseases going strong. We appreciate small businesses in the community, like who donates a portion of their product sales every time they launch a product via the product launch formula method that they recommend and teach. We appreciate all of the volunteers who donate their time to just love the families in difficult situations in these hospitals.

If you are ever asked to donate to a Children’s Hospital in your area, make it a point to give a little if you can, because these funds go directly to support these families and help the doctors to find cures to these diseases that are keeping these beautiful kids from living a full, healthy and vibrant life.

Thanks to all of you who are contributing and making a difference in these young lives!

Children in Smoking Homes

There’s no doubt behind the science and studies that show that children growing up in the homes of smoker’s are prone to a variety of health concerns short and long term in their lives.

The second hand smoke is just too much for their young lungs and bodies to fully overcome.

Asthma, cancer, mental issues, lowered immune systems, autoimmune disorders, and much, much more are potential problems that children can be faced with.

The best possible thing parents could do for their kids sake right away is a switch to vaporizers. Vaporizers can be smoked just the same as cigarettes without the harmful side effects to both the smoker parent and second hand victims like the children or spouse.

It can end up saving money and saving lives.

The best part is that you can maintain the nicotine addiction because some of the vape juices still have nicotine as a primary ingredient. This can be huge in ensuring the habit is maintained, but yet at the same time non-harmful since it doesn’t come with all of the cancerous tars, chemicals and such.

Check out  for more information about vaporizers.

The Best New Paint on the Market

There is a serious competitor in the whiteboard paint space. Good-bye Idea Paint – your run was fun while it lasted. Hello ReMARKABLE. This stuff is serious! We’ve been long time IdeaPaint fans, ever since Evernote publicized their product we’ve been customers.

But, we did a quick search for whiteboard paint just to look at our options for a new part of our office space that we’re working on setting up, and BOOM – we’re so glad we did.

We stumbled upon this amazing product that’s giving IdeaPaint, Whiteyboard and some of these other whiteboard paint companies a serious run for their money. We tried the Remarkable DIY kit and it was absolutely amazing. So much better then what we’ve experienced in the past with the leading competitor. Easier application, less toxic odor, faster dry time, and overall better erase capabilities and more clear/white. It’s a beautiful product and works incredibly for our use in the office.

The best part though? Price! It’s priced less then its serious competitors.

Check out the new leader in whiteboard paint – RemarkABLE!

Our Cool Little Sister City Way, Way East

Portland’s vibe is one of a kind. Obviously.

But it’s kind of cool every once in a while to come across a little city that’s got like a twinge of mini Portland vibe to it. You know, the progressive, hippie, weird, fun, artistic type of vibe.

I recently took a trip out to Western North Carolina to the amazing little city of Asheville.

Woah! Asheville is cool.

Love me some Asheville.

You know by now I’m a health nut and I enjoy health food stores, healthy dining, and alternative medicine and healing. And man oh man, this city definitely has the health thing going on in a really big way. This is a very spiritually alive city, highly conscious of its health decisions, and its a beautiful thing.

Now, obviously you have to take it easy on the Southern Style BBQ and biscuits that are all so tempting and delish, and they are considered one of the beer capitals of the world too, but who ever said beer was unhealthy? LOL.

So, mad props to our little sister city in North Carolina.. Asheville.

Oh, and if you ever decide to check out luxury real estate in Asheville NC, or the surrounding mountains out there, because it really is gorgeous and low cost living, check out Kathleen Blanchette, a realtor whose been working in luxury real estate in Asheville for a long time and is quite impressive at what she does. Sshhhh…. don’t tell anyone, but we got the grand tour and checked out a few houses while we were there! Its tempting… but we still love Portland too, so we aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Paleo Diet Resolution

So you are a vegetarian and yet you are so intrigued with this Paleo diet regimen, can you note then a vegetarian paleo diet still? Vegetarian paleo diet regimen is good for individuals that wish to sign up with the Paleo parade without consuming an item of meat in any way.

Herbivorous paleo diet regimen might seem ludicrous to those who believe that paleo diet plan consists mainly of meat. Paleo diet is almost everywhere– and now vegetarian paleo diet plan is making a statement too.

Our physical body needs to consume in order for us to make it through– and everybody likewise features the non-eating meat folks of this world. So why not produce a herbivorous paleo diet regimen strategy to fit their way of life and ideas?

Our bodies across the centuries have actually been adjusting to our atmosphere in order to survive. Herbivorous paleo diet regimen is here to welcome more fans that this diet plan does not mean to impose, yet to fit and help everyone obtain a healthy and balanced body and way of living.

And considering that paleo diet regimen generally includes proteins from farm animals and not from legumes and grains, then this could seem to be a trouble for vegetarians and vegans alike who adore to consume their salads with tofu and grain sprouts.

Here are the alternatives for vegetarians then:

You should consume a bunch of eggs –– so yes, this choice is except rigorous vegans. So you could possibly consume as much as a dozen of eggs a day to be able to obtain enough healthy protein and come to be a legitimate Paleo follower.

You must eat grain-like seeds in your meals for you to fit in the Paleo dieter profile.

For the herbivorous paleo diet, to enable drenched and sprouted legumes and grains for the vegetarians’ & rsquo; sake is an order. So of course, you can still appreciate your dish of cooked grains still, my pal & hellip; no have to fret.

The herbivorous variation of this scavenger diet regimen is mostly compose of fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and naturally, vegetables still (just that they could not eat potatoes). And the nuts that ought to be consumed must not have any sort of sweets or salt in them.

Vegetarian paleo diet will certainly assist fight conditions such as heart attack and will certainly help stop movement. This herbivorous paleo diet also assists battle cancer cells and diabetes. And with the combo of going vegetarian and paleo, the health and wellness profits it could possibly offer an individual is valuable and eternal.

Some folks are having puzzled thought regarding eating meat and being healthy and balanced and not consuming meat and being thoughtful to pets. So the concern always lies between those two predicaments.

If your intention is to end up being a healthy and balanced person, then you truly require meat in your diet, right? Yet after that you could constantly appreciate the ideas and the faith of those who value the lives of farm animals.

Paleo diet plan does not in any sort of method challenge the meatless people due to the fact that the factor of incorporating vegetarian paleo diet regimen in their book would certainly be beat, right?

So go and exercise being thoughtful while preserving your durability, energy and healthy and balanced body on the side– eat just the paleo meals that are herbivorous!

Portland Alternative Health Wellness Clinic

Being self-employed artists for nearly a decade, my husband and I know what it means to go without health insurance and health care. We practice preventative medicine such as exercising, eating healthy foods and taking vitamins, and we are both relatively healthy. Fortunately for us and many others like us, when we have had health-related problems, we are residents of Portland, Oregon. In Portland there exists a wealth of medical resources for low income families, from dentistry to chiropractics to alternative medicines. One such resource is The Coalition of Community Health Clinics, a group of 13 clinics that offer quality health care to Portland residents who are uninsured, underinsured and who would otherwise have no access to health care or necessary treatments. Most of the clinics bill patients on a sliding scale based on household income and many offer free emergency services for those who cannot afford to pay for medical care.

Here are just a few of the affordable options available to those who do not currently have health insurance or are underinsured:

The West Burnside Chiropractic Portland Health Clinic is a teaching clinic of the Western States Chiropractic College, located in downtown Portland. They care for people with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal (back/neck) pain and the services are free or by donation. I discovered WBCC in 2005, while suffering from a herniated disc in my lower back. I was unable to sit for almost 6 months, and received treatment each week of that 6 months without charge. I continued to go for maintenance and flare-ups for the next few years. In 2008 I was back again with debilitating low back pain and, again, I received excellent care.

This time, I was back to my old self within 6 weeks.

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond is also a teaching clinic and is located in SE Portland. This clinic provides general medical services as well as chiropractic and acupuncture. Office visits for qualifying patients cost $25. Compare that to $120, which is what I paid the last time I took my child to a pediatrician for an ear infection!

The Outside In Medical Clinic, also located downtown, focuses mainly on Portland’s homeless youth and adults, as well as other low-income patients. They provide social, medical and mental health services, and a variety of disciplines including western, Chinese and naturopathic. They charge a $10 minimum sliding scale fee per visit.

The goal of The Coalition of Community Health Clinics is to improve access to quality health care for underserved populations in Portland and the surrounding area.

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